These are indeed great news! The giant panda is no longer endangered

These are indeed great news! The giant panda is no longer endangered

If you love pandas or animals in general, then you have a story that you’ll love and will make you want to dance: the giant panda is no longer considered an endangered species . After decades of effort to increase their numbers and retain the specimens under optimal conditions, the number of pandas in China has increased to a number that means that the species is no longer endangered.

The happy news was released to the public by the International Union for Conservation of Nature .

While in 2003 the population of pandas living in the wild was up to 1,600, in 2014 the population had increased by 17%. In fact, the latest research indicates that there would be 2,064 pandas living in the wild and at least 1,860 are specimens Adults.

Chester Ho

Yes, the report of the Union determined that it is crucial fight against climate change in order to preserve the bamboo, essential food for pandas:

” It is predicted that in the next 80 years more than one third of the forests of bamboo the pandas will be affected by climate change and the panda population will decrease.To protect this species as iconic is very important to continue with measures protecting forests “.

Not relax with the subject because pandas spent only be a endangered species to be a vulnerable species: ideally , these animals could achieve even greater number.

The sad thing was that the report also indicated that there is a kind of ape that has just entered the list of endangered animals. According to the numbers, a decrease of 70% of the species in the last 20 years is reported.

We have to keep working and taking care of the planet to avoid this crisis!