These 38 subtle tattoos on the fingers are so beautiful that you’ll soon have your own … I know!

These 38 subtle tattoos on the fingers are so beautiful that you'll soon have your own ... I know!

When I dared to make my first tattoo I decided it was small because I always thought that way would be more “mine” that the public eye, so to speak. Well, I said one, now have three and soon will have about two more. Here is 30 ideas tattoos on the fingers … They are very nice!

1. Words that represent your life

2. Cross and heart

3. Symbols that have meaning for you

4. A tender heart

5. The feather of a peacock

6. A skull

7. A couple idea

8. The family first

9. Your passion

10. Do not trust anyone

11. Symbols simple yet beautiful

12. Smile

13. Freshly made

14. Zealot Flash

15. A couple who shares his passion

16. A cross

17. Pen life

18. Art on a finger (at Cara Delevingne)

19. Love

20. Pledge ‘pinkys’

21. How beautiful!

22. Paz

23. What you feel

24. Palmera summer

25. The letter K, decorated

26. Hope and faith

27. Love of the sea

28. A rosary

29. Love

30. A tender kitten

31. “Hands across the water, hands across the sky”.

32. A compilation of everything that likes

33. A ring forever

34. Mini-Mandalas

35. Freedom

36. Happiness

37. A beautiful pink

38. An elephant

There are many options for choosing , but especially something that represents something to you … what was your favorite?