The world’s oldest cat just turned 31 years old and still has many more lives

The world's oldest cat just turned 31 years old and still has many more lives

Nutmeg know, the oldest in the world who just turned 31 years cat and remains the same as always, as they have their owners, Liz and Ian. It all started in 1990 when Spice, the cat who had previously met and became friends Nutmeg. One day the cat had an accident and husbands took him to the vet.To become attached to him, they decided to keep it.

He is Nutmeg, and just turned 31 years … yes, 141 in human years.

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Its owners say that “he rules the house and beautiful”.

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They welcomed at home thanks to the cat that had formerly Spice.

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The vet told them the cat and was about 5 years when they decided to adopt it.

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But to apply the Guiness World Record, they need proof of their birth and they do not.

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The smallest feline is a very important member of the family.

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A year ago, he suffered a preinfarction, but survived.

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The only question is, how many more lives you can spare?

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What are many more!