The terrible consequences of gender violence

The terrible consequences of gender violence

Gender – based violence remains one of the great evils of our day . Despite all aid offered to the battered person, many fail to get out of this situation.

Think for a moment what we comes to mind when we think about gender violence.Perhaps you visualize shock, physical damage and, in many cases, death itself.

However, gender violence can be silent and the fact that people who suffer remain silent is because the consequences are lethal.

Annuls you as a person, until you get to defend the person who mistreats you. Today we will address the terrible consequences of gender violence, which is not only that we all know.

Stop being yourself

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Being a victim of gender violence causes stop being yourself and you become the person your partner is causing, beaten, you are.

You begin to see the world misleadingly,  you try to understand the person who mistreats you, justifying, and showing you humbling yourself submissively before her.

Despite all this, something is wrong. You’re happy and you know it. You live in constant fear of doing one thing wrong that can cause all explode.

You have reached even to deny that mistreat you . You say that  everything is fine and you believe it ! However, marks on your body you get back to reality and that makes you mourn.


The big problem is that you feel vulnerable, dependent . Sometimes you feel flowing through your veins rage and anger that later become shame for all that are allowing.


You can not sleep well. Anxiety attacks you when you least expect it. You stopped being you, you have started to become someone who seeks escape from this situation of the least successful way.

You isolate yourself, you desmereces

When you are immersed in a situation of domestic violence, it is very normal to begin to isolate yourself from your loved ones .

Family, friends … All those people who know you and you will surely tell you that something is not right. But you shut up and lie, because you know that your partner controls you, and as you say a word over and finds out, he will punish you.

You have stopped showing interest in anything that you liked . Where are the poems that you wrote? And those paintings that realizabas? Where are your desire to go to work?


Your insecurity and isolation have caused you feel a continual fear . No longer smile as before, and you’re not the person you were before.

You have changed and not for good. You are now more sensitive , more fragile, more suffering.

No longer believe in you, you feel useless, a failure . You have even come to believe that you are not a person worthy of being loved.

Death will not be a victory

Many victims of gender violence end up committing suicide or end up dying at the hands of their partners.

This death will never be a victory, but a defeat in which winning is the abuser , that you changed, you made life impossible, he used you like a puppet.

Therefore, although it is difficult, you need to seek help. All the above are consequences for which you do not recognize when you look at in the mirror.

Gender-based violence is an evil that must be eradicated. Do not isolate yourself from your family or your friends. They will be your best allies.


He thinks that to avoid such a situation should not happen and one to your partner, ie the first slap or symptoms of abuse, go.

He runs away without looking back, without your head up the “I must try; if not, it’s my fault. ” You deserve better , you do not deserve someone abuse you.

It is difficult, complicated. It is not only physical, but also psychological. That’s why you need to surround yourself with people who love you. Away from them will be a plus point for the spouse abuser.

And you know what? No one deserves to be mistreated .