The secret Victoria Beckham eat food every day is exquisite and makes you look radiant

The secret Victoria Beckham eat food every day is exquisite and makes you look radiant

We all want to have a glowing skin, in fact, concern over the appearance has long since ceased to be something strictly feminine ago . Today men worry as much as women to look good best thing about having a beautiful and healthy skin is you do not need to apply many products, in fact, you can go through life without makeup and see fresh and awake 365 days a year. of course not say look haggard is a crime, I myself usually leave home without paint me neither eyelashes and very sleepy because some days look good is not the priority and breakfast was easy prey yes it is.

However, if it comes to people who look good all the time, it is not uncommon Victoria Beckham and her dermatologist has found the perfect cure for tired skin and she has decided to start eating this important food in all main meals of your diet.

We’ll give you some clues: it is pink, lives in the sea and … has many omega.

Did you guess?


That’s what model and former Spice Girl magazine assured Net A Porter , ensuring that you understand that to have an active lifestyle, you have to eat enough and give your body just that you need:

“Like many healthy fats, avocado, seeds, nuts, salmon … I’m actually seeing a dermatologist in Los Angeles called Harold Lancer and he is amazing. I know him foryears. I had many problems with my skin and said “You have to eat salmon every day ,” and I said “Really? Do all day? “And he said” Yes, breakfast, lunch or dinner, you have to eat every day “”.

In addition, salmon is a good source of protein and essential fats and top it is extremely easy to cook and tastes good. What we do, is a bit expensive , but it sure Victoria has the money to buy all salmon required. As for me, I seem to eat once or twice a week is an excellent and very realistic option.