The science proves it! Smart women have less chance of finding a mate

Do you consider yourself smart? As to whether men prefer smart women or not, there has always ambivalent reviews. Some argue that intelligent women intimidate men and becomes more difficult to find a partner, and there are those who believe that men prefer a woman with high IQs at his side.

Lora Park, a social psychologist at the University of Buffalo, and colleagues attempted to discover whether it is true that men prefer smart women. For it conducted three studies with college men, who were given a performance test to a “smarter than them” woman.

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Then they released the results, asked if they thought that woman attractive and if they wanted to date her.

The results will surprise you … or maybe not.

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Men who find an attractive and competent woman have so eager to go out with her, preferring to maintain physical and psychological distance from them.

Moreover, in many cases, a man might feel intimidated by someone smarter.

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What makes a man feel inferior to an intelligent woman?

That does not reveal the study, but may prefer to navigate to the next with a low profile to avoid running out all, or perhaps pleases you to be a smart woman and prefer to wait a little more for a man who can appreciate it.

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