The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are exploding! This is what you should do if you have one

After a pitch much discussed, the South Korean company Samsung announced that it would halt production of the Galaxy Note 7 to nearly two months of its launch due to problems with the explosions that occurred both in the first batch and replacement devices.

If you already have a cell of this type, here we tell you what you should do:

1. Do not panic

Galaxy Note 7 burned

Although the phone may explode and that gets to intimidate, try not to scare you. Now that you know it’s a dangerous device, you can take precautions to prevent damage.

2. Turn it off

Samsung Edge s7

Now, do not wait. Stop using or charging and contact the seller immediately.

3. Do not risk

Galaxy Note 7 power cord

Even if you have not yet submitted any problems with your computer, the company recommends keeping it off.

4. Give it back

Galaxy Note 7 burned

Customers have the option of returning the direct device to authorized Service Centers Customers and switch to another phone Samsung.

5. Buy a new phone

Samsung Edge s7

Because failures model, Samsung is already working on a Note 8 for the next year. For now, ensure that other models of the company does not have the same drawback as the Note 7 so you could buy another brand device without problem.