The sadness of mother during pregnancy can affect baby’s personality

During pregnancy, besides care of your body, it is important to also take care of your mind and heart to the baby is born with all the happiness you deserve. Advances in obstetrics medicine and psychology have shown that there is a relationship between mother and child during pregnancy emotions.

However, we never questioned both this issue until a study by the University of California confirmed that the mother’s emotions can shape the character of the baby for the rest of your life. Read this interesting research here will take care of you even more during pregnancy.

Emotions can shape your baby for life

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This study confirms that 10% of pregnant women experience depression reached. During this process, the hormones change and can affect brain chemicals to achieve that deep sadness and anxiety. So one of the data that surprised, from the research is that babies in the womb can feel the psychological state of his mother. And specialists doctors in research, Sandman, Glynn Davis and explain it like this:

“We believe that human fetuses are active participants in their own development and are collecting information for their own lives after birth. They are preparing for the rest of their lives based on the messages that the mother provides. “

Pregnant woman with sad white dress

In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, it is also likely that depression manifests and cause emotional problems in long-term babies. This works the same in cases of mothers with anxiety problems, which inadvertently come to give birth to babies equally anxious.

The happiness of the mother also has an impact on the baby

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Babies can perceive all kinds of things, from the sounds to the thoughts of his mother. After 6 months of gestation, the mother can create an emotional bond with your child, all thanks to hormones your body produces while experiencing different emotions.

Since stress, sadness, happiness, even anger; all these feelings are connected with the baby thanks to travel through the placenta.

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Finally this only indicates that the placenta is a type of “architect” that shapes the personality of a baby from pregnancy and with the help of his mother secretes hormones. It is for this reason that doctors recommend to the mother the habit of a good diet and some exercise to maintain positive emotions at a high level.