The perfect food was created: The cheese with chocolate is all you need starting today!

We can not deny that one of the weaknesses of most women is chocolate. All, ever we have enjoyed this elixir created by the gods, especially when we are in ‘those days’ where cravings attack us. If you thought that nothing in the world would beat the flavor of cocoa, we have a surprise for you: chocolate cheese!

Yes, as you read. A company in Melbourne called Curds & Whey has created an appetizer that all addicted to chocolate love. It is made with a base of blue ‘soft and delicate’ cheese matured with chocolate liqueur, dusted with cocoa powder and sprinkled with sparks of it.

Choco 21

Cheese with chocolate

The name of this treat is Choco 21 and although at first it seemed a good idea at the end of this creation turned out to be a success.

“The blue cheese is quite soft, and liqueur chocolate adds flavor without being sweet”

Anna Burley, owner of the company.

Perhaps even you’re not entirely convinced that this combination is the best, but the cheese with chocolate has received rave reviews from those who already dared to try. Even after just one week, this product  Curds & Whey  sold out! Customers were in love with their flavor.

Cheesemaking with chocolate

According to his account Instagram , Choco 21 new account will be in stores in a week, but is expected to now that has become so popular, it runs in a matter of minutes.

But that’s not all, there is excellent news that will run to buy the Choco 21 now: according to various studies have shown that cheese, chocolate and wine help keep you fit and healthy!

Cheese, chocolate, and apples

How can it be possible? The answer is simple: these foods help us increase the number of healthy bacteria in our gut, while the food ‘junk’ reduces them. According to Tim Spector, a prestigious researcher, the secret of dieting is not counting calories, but the bacteria in us. These three foods, increase our healthy bacteria and thus we remain thin; although we must remember that any excess is good.

Please pay because the Choco 21 reaches our city soon!

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