The last and emotional letter that one of the Argentine girls killed in Ecuador wrote to his mother

The last and emotional letter that one of the Argentine girls killed in Ecuador wrote to his mother

“See you in 45 days” were the last words written by Maria Jose Coni 22, in a letter delivered to her mother before going to an adventure course to Ecuador,  which unfortunately never came back after being brutally murdered . Today, the woman revealed to the world , through its Facebook , the poignant and last letter he wrote her child.

For the crime of Maria Jose Coni and her friend Marina Menegazzo we have found two culprits who have been sentenced to 40 years in prison.


Today investigations into this case, which went around the world, are still open in Ecuador and has not been ruled out the participation of more people.


Meanwhile, Gladys Steffani , the mother of Maria Jose Coni , decided to go up to your Facebook account, the letter gave her daughter before leaving for Ecuador.


With his own handwriting and using colored pencils, Maria Jose wrote to his parents how much he loved them and would missbecause it had never been separated from them, more than 10 days: “needless to say that the I will miss horrors ” , reads one of the first paragraphs.


The mother published the letter after a series of murders of women were recorded in Mendoza in recent days and the message “follow flying hope, with your singing and that beautiful smile, I miss little daughter”.


Recall that on February 22, 2016, Majo and Marina were last seen. The investigation confirmed that both had been drugged, beaten, one of them abused to death in Montanita, Ecuador, during summer vacation.Their bodies were found days later wrapped in plastic bags in an open field. A crime that shocked the world and left many in shock. These girls were known for their traveling and especially spirit of solidarity.

This was the last photo to his Instagram rose Marina …   “Life gave us a last sunset dreamed of .”

Rest in peace! And justice for this terrible crime.