The largest cave in the world has its own river, forest and climate

The largest cave in the world has its own river, forest and climate

People have dragged through the cavernous mountains in Asia for centuries, but the world’s largest Vietnamese cave remained hidden deep in the forests of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park until 1991 .


The story of the Cave Son Doong says: “The local farmer Ho Khanh walked through a leafy stretch in the heart of the national park, a place that had happened many times before, so it was not paying much attention to the environment that surroundings. But suddenly the forest floor opened beneath his feet. When he managed to recover from the shock, he looked at the huge chasm that had appeared among the dense vegetation and saw the steep fall in front of him. -and Luck by chance  found an entry that remained hidden for millions of years to the most enormous cave in the world (five times larger than that recorded so far). ”


In a world where there are so few trails undiscovered, it is difficult to imagine a maze that had not been penetrated by man until the 90 ‘ . But caves that size, anywhere in the world, usually have some sort of shrine inside. But Son Doong has none. Nor it has statues or prehistoric paintings etched on the walls. Nothing.

However, this does not mean that is not a work of art that leaves you with your mouth open …





It was not until about two decades after the farmer discovered the cave, the rest of the world learned of it when a group of scientists first explored in 2009: “The great cliff to descend,  by the loud hiss of the wind and the roar of the stream that could be heard from the entrance , had prevented the locals enter the cave before. ”


Son Doong was named with the Vietnamese word for “mountain river” because inside it has its own large flowing river. It also has its own jungle which the explorers called “Garden of Edam” – and some of the highest stalagmite in the world (70 meters).


Howard and Deb Limbert The explorers were delayed a year to reach the end of the tunnel of the cave , after his progress was stopped by saw a wall 60 meters high, also known as “The Great Wall of Vietnam”. Across the wall, they found an extension of cave pearls the size of baseballs. Enormous!


They are formed by a concretion of calcium salts polished by moving water.



It is believed that the cave was formed more than two million years ago. After all these years , it should not be a surprise that this hidden “another world” has had time to develop its own climate .An extensive presence of calcium carbonate provides evidence that the cave has produced its own rain clouds, and has experienced wet and dry years over time.


In 2013, the first group of adventurous tourists who explored the cave, he did it through a guided tour which cost US $ 3,000 per person . Here you can read the experience of one of them.


If you want to add this tour to your list of things to do before you die, visit the website of Son Doonghere . Just make sure to find the exit …

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