The helpless baby orangutan was chained between two concrete walls for a whole year

The helpless baby orangutan was chained between two concrete walls for a whole year

Mingky had a few days old when he was captured near the Indonesian forest where he lived. His mother was probably murdered , as in most cases , horrible and greedy when people want to create docile “pets”. It is not entirely clear what happened next, but in February, the man who captured him decided to give it to a friend. And that friend decided that the best place for this little was completely trapped in the narrow corridor between two houses.

Orangutan Information Centre

Mingky was chained for about a year , anchored by an iron collar tied to a screw into the wall.

Refuge- had not only broken concrete under his feet and the space of 60 centimeters between the two houses where, instead of being with her mother, she hugged himself to sleep.

Orangutan Information Centre

His owner fed at least every day- with some fruit and if I was lucky, rice.

“He said he wanted the orangutan were chained on the ground for the amusement of his family.”

-Panut Hadisiswoyo, Director and founder of Orangutan Information Center.

Orangutan Information Centre

And that’s how Mingky spent much of his early life. Every day people passed near the small space where he lived, but nobody stopped to help him.

Until a few weeks ago , when everything changed.

Orangutan Information Centre

“Our team found a male orangutan, we estimate that 3 years, chained to a wall between two houses … through our informant, who discovered the orangutan kept illegally in a house in a rural area near Blang Pidie, Aceh Barat Daya” .

-Panut Hadisiswoyo

Quickly contact the Centre authorities wildlife , knowing that the owner of Mingky was breaking the law. Together, accompanied by police officers, the two organizations came to rescue the little baby ape – which fortunately its owner decided to deliver smooth.

Orangutan Information Centre

The man also told officers the story of a friend who had captured Mingky before giving it. Although the stories of illegal pet owners are always questionable, the officers decided to accept it.

“There will be no charges against the owner and the police believed was his friend who captured the orangutan and he was willing to surrender”.

Official -Declaration the  Information Center Orangutans.

Orangutan Information Centre

Despite this injustice, rescuers were determined to help the young orangutan on and off.

Naturally, he was terrified visitors , after all that had happened. Hadisiswoyo said it was still aggressive and had a wild attitude, so I had to reassure him before he could take the chain .

Orangutan Information Centre

Although any animal can pass this ordeal, orangutans are at particular risk because they are near extinction due to the destruction of their habitats and animal trafficking . This July two species of orangutans were declared critically endangered .

But for Mingky, at least, he was suffering in his past- and thank his rescuers have found in time.

Orangutan Information Centre

Although nothing can give back to his mother, the young orangutan was in the hands of the Conservation Program Orangutans of Sumatra , where it is in quarantine before starting his rehabilitation program. If all goes well, it will grow in the PCOS and will be able to get back to naturewhen she is older.

Good luck, Mingky.