The haunting beauty of “suicide forest” of Japan, where dozens of bodies are hung each year inspires its own horror movie.

The haunting beauty of "suicide forest" of Japan, where dozens of bodies are hung each year inspires its own horror movie.

Every year, Japanese authorities found dozens of bodies hanging in the woods – although others may remain hidden for years.


The vegetation is so dense in the Aokigahara forest at the foot of Mount Fuji, which all too easy to disappear among the evergreens.


When a public track becomes a roped off area for many the point of no return, there is a sign urging would-be suicide victims to think again.


The message that seeks to raise awareness, written in English and Japanese, literally says: “Your life is valuable and you have been given by your parents. Please think of them, your brothers and sons. Please seek help, not you pass through this one place. ”


also known as the “sea of trees” is the place where they live, according to legend, creatures from Japanese mythology and souls of thousands of people who have voluntarily lost their lives in this forest.


It is also said that there are deposits of magnetic iron in this strange place, which makes compasses not work properly, causing many passers lost along the way.


Exactly why so many choose to end their life in the forest remains a mystery, although it has been suggested that the first one was inspired by a novel that takes place there.


Now the disturbing site has inspired its own Hollywood horror film, El Bosque, looking British Thrones Star Game Natalie Dormer.


actress plays Sara, a young American who travels to the jungle in search of her missing twin sister.


Despite warnings not “out of the way, ‘Sara dares to enter the forest to discover the fate of her sister.


But you will have to face the wrath and tormented souls of the dead.

Filming is not allowed in the forest, but Miss Dormer told the Daily Mirror that did visit the forest as part of his preparation for his first leading role.

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“It makes you reflective – sad because many people in this forest are with the firm intention of not leaving,” he said.


The mystery of Aokigahara has been studied and disseminated on several occasions. In 2011 Azusa Hayano geologist who has studied the forest for over 30 years, he took a film crew adentránodse to a place known as ‘Jukai’ – the sea of trees – to share what he has learned.


Although Mr. Hayano is unable to give a definitive answer about why many commit suicide in Aokigahara, this forest has penetrated deeply into the behavior of those desperate enough to venture with no intention of returning.


Such is the nature of their work, often it faces the arduous task of discovering suicide victims, or intervene when you encounter those who is not too late.


It is estimated to have taken more than 100 bodies in two decades.


The most recent statistics are from 2010, when police records show that 247 people made suicide attempts in the forest. Fifty-four of these people died.

The forest the film is released in UK cinemas on February 26.

Source: dailymail