The face of Venezuela’s “new beauty” of the UFC was greatly beaten after debut

The face of Venezuela's "new beauty" of the UFC was greatly beaten after debut

When the Venezuelan Veronica Macedo announced that it would begin a new stage participating in the UFC, many rejoiced and called it as the new beauty . But unfortunately, the physical charm of the woman was not worth virtually nothing after the great failure of his debut in the UFC Fight Night when he fought against American Ashlee Evans-Smith. Wait till you see her face!

It is definitely not easy to practice jiu jitsu and apply it on the ground. Veronica Macedo is a Venezuelan who was recently named as the new beauty of the UFC:

For his debut in the UFC Fight Night , things did not go as she expected it.

When the fight began, she gave a pretty strong kicks . However, with the passing of the minutes Ashlee Evans-Smith , his opponent, began to grow.

For the third round , Veronica could not withstand the siege of the US. It was subdued and punished.




.@AshleeMMA no dejó respirar a Macedo con esos duros codazos… #UFCHamburg


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One of the nudging of Ashlee opened cheekbone, so the referee decided to end the fighting and give as winning the ‘gringa’.

So Veronica was to end the contest:

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Esther Cárdenas @Esther_Oficial_

UFC Hamburgo: Ashlee Evans-Smith vence a Verónica Macedo vía TKO (2:46 / round 3). #UFCHamburg #WMMA


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A before and after , to see that actually ended up pretty bad:

Screenshot 09.05.2016 at 03.18.02 pm

Screenshot 05.09.2016 at 03.20.57 pm

Well … not for being bad , but tell me, do you like the girl Aro or not?

Hopefully for the next Veronica doing better.