The countenance of the saddest cat in the world changed an hour after its adoption

This would be a good time to remove headscarves if you’re a girl lover of cats or dogs and adore looking pet photo sharing home. Here you meet the “saddest cat in the world” and its history only make you run to your nearest animal shelter.

His name is Ben Ben, and before his death, had lost all hope. With many health problems and an obvious sadness, this kitten was ready for him to practice euthanasia, until a couple adopted him in his family and face health and Ben Ben changed from the first 60 minutes in their new home.

Ben Ben had lost hope

orange cat with severed ear

He had arrived at an animal shelter with the worst health forecasts. After being attacked by a larger animal, this cat had problems in the spine, deep wounds and a damaged ear.

He had been adopted but returned to the shelter

orange cat with pink headband

At some point he was adopted by a family that eventually brought him back because they could not cope with the care that Ben Ben cat required. Since that time, his health and spirits worse.

Until a miracle happened

orange cat in a cage

His situation was so critical that the shelter veterinarian had already ruled that the cat walk again. Added to this, the animal had a look of pain and sadness that the same doctors scheduled euthanasia continue to prevent suffering.

Ben Ben now has a home

woman carrying in her arms orange cat

A shelter worker learned of the situation and intervened in the programmed death for the animal. She and her husband took Ben Ben up to his house, and after an hour of care for and deal with, and walked and browsed in the corners of the house; the mood change was immediate.

He has changed the face

cato orange on the floor looking up

“It seems he had been hurt by a larger animal. His face was sad for excess skin on their eyelids, strange condition that no one understand their reason. But just before receiving euthanasia, it seemed that I knew I was going to die and began to lose all hope. “

“Do I see a smile there?”

orange cat smiling with eyes closed

“He did not eat, or drink, not even moving. But as soon as we took him home, everything changed. First we took a moment to interact with our other cats. We sat with him for an hour, and suddenly he began to show gestures of appreciation; we hummed, smiled and snuggled between us. “

His story inspires continue to take pets

orange cat petting huamano

“I think he knew he was sure that was in a home that already never would. Really only they took him 60 minutes to start to feel curious with their new surroundings. Just as a healthy and happy cat usually behave “.

Watch your nearest refuge and happy to make Ben Ben!

orange cat with sad look

“Even though Ben Ben said would not walk, he is determined to prove them wrong. Not only walk, run and even jump too small distances. No one would think that is the same as left the shelter. It is our little warrior. “