The big lesson I learned not listened to me myself

The big lesson I learned not listened to me myself

A while back the words “listen to yourself first to you and then others” were not in my head, doesthought for years that an indecisive person must stop thinking about yourself and start listening to others because they would know what it’s better for me.

For a long time I thought that would change the way that, at the end of the road would understand that it was the right thing and that was all easier, without having to think, analyze and make a decision on my own.

After a while my voice was in a locked box and let everyone tell me what to do or say. I let all people were to speak in my name, with my mouth, with my voice but not my opinion.

When I began to realize I was not happy with the decisions of others, I began to speak on my own and I started to look bad; I was like a bad person, that of unfeeling, rude, the villain of the story.

I realized that after all this time, the same people who decided for me, were the first to criticize, at the end of nothing worked to keep quiet and let others pass in line, because in the end my turn would come.

Everything became hard and drastically after that.

I decided that no matter what others think or say about me, I must be honest with myself and with others, which more painful and costly than other things I must make decisions on my own, that no one should speak in my name without me present. that I’m the only one that will affect those decisions.

Once you start listening to yourself, everything becomes clear and concise. Everything makes sense and make difficult decisions becomes somewhat easier.

Once you start getting first everything becomes more beautiful, everything makes sense, everything is better when you listen to yourself first.