The best underwater photographs of the year.

The best underwater photographs of the year.

The event judges elegieron as his favorite to a seahorse photographed by Italian photographer Davide Lopresti.

The photographs captivated the judges include a fishing bear and a group of whales swimming together.


Represented more than 50 countries, these artistic, according to jury chairman Alex Mustard, said the event was “inspiring images party.”

Despite the enormous amount of talent, the organizers gave as favorite Italian photographer Davide Lopresti.


Simply titled Golden Lopresti this stunning image shows a sea horse amidst vibrant calm ocean waves. In describing the image, he said: “Over the years, the population of seahorses in the Mediterranean has been drastically reduced. Their numbers have recovered only through public awareness and a significant repopulation campaign.

“The sea areas have now been reserved, protected from harmful fishing methods such as trawling. This has enabled vulnerable and delicate creatures like seahorses, can survive. This is what I hoped to celebrate image ‘.

As for all other winning photos, Mustard reveals: “It was surprising and humbling to see the quality. Every single image that place is an incredible moment of the underwater world. ”


Photographer Mathieu Foulqui of France took this amazing picture of Caribbean reef sharks in the marine sanctuary of Jardines de la Reina in Cuba.


Gabriel Barathieu of France took this picture using a wide angle lens and took home the prize highly praised.


Greg Lecoeur, who took this picture, said: ‘The French Polynesia is an amazing place for lovers of nature. In the lagoon of Moorea did diving with an abundance of marine life, most notably these blacktip sharks.The topography of the mountains in the background inspired me to release this photo half and half.


French photographer Greg Lecoeur also took this fascinating image of a group of pilot whales circling beneath the surface.


Alejandro Prieto de México, que tomó esta foto increíble, dijo: “Al regresar de un buceo con tiburones toro en Playa del Carmen en México, vi una hermosa bandada de gaviotas volando muy bajo sobre una playa llena de gente. Por lo general vuelan a baja altura sobre el pueblo en busca de comida. Este comportamiento permite que intente disparar desde debajo del agua. Con esta fotografía Quiero mostrar que los sujetos normales pueden llegar a ser extraordinaria dependiendo de la perspectiva.


During the contest of the Island Swim in Liguria, Italy, a competition in which hundreds swimming in the sea and compete in a distance of six kilometers, photographer Lopresti sharply as the athletes made a circle around the island Bergeggi.


El fotógrafo holandés Tobias Friedrich, que tomó esta foto increíble, dijo: “Se planificó para bucear en abril en Groenlandia para fotografiar especialmente los icebergs. En primavera, la visibilidad es muy buena “.


Damien Mauric, UK, said of his photo: “I like to create images that show the marine life in motion and Raja Ampat in Indonesia is probably the best place in the world for creating this type of image.


Helen Brierly shared his image of marine life ‘suspended in the blackness of the open ocean’


Adriano Morettin of Italy said his image (right) was made using a double exposure technique performed directly in the camera without changing the lens.