The 5 most typical mistakes women do while shaving

The 5 most typical mistakes women do while shaving

Not all are perfect and when we perform some routine beauty and fashion, because often we make mistakes and especially if we talk of dressing or plucking.  Hair removal is one of the actions that women perform continuously and therefore, arise many questions when it comes to whether we are doing well or not. Perhaps we remember our grandmothers or mothers giving us the best tips of hair removal, but even they can fall into errors. And we should not take lightly the issue of hair removal because it is very important for our skin, we have decided to talk about the most common mistakes and how to correct to start from and work on the perfect hair removal.

Here we leave a list of the most common mistakes we make when we talk about hair removal, but not only that but also deliver you the solution.

Let’s take note girls!

1. Thread and wax


The mistake we make with this type of hair removal is that webegin to use it without knowing what is best for us in relation to our skin and style of life. Therefore, the solution is always informed about the advantages and disadvantages between each of them.

Thread advantages: It does not use chemicals like other hair removal, so for women with sensitive skin or who prefer a little more natural ingredients this product is ideal, especially since irritation is minimal. If you go to pluck eyebrows it is much easier to keep the way if you use the thread.

Disadvantages Thread: The thread needs great precision, so it can be difficult to remove small hairs between the eyebrows or upper lip area. They say that the thread serves more for those with thicker hair, so that the results also depend on the thickness of your hair.

Advantages of wax: The wax makes hair grow thinner and to a lesser amount, so this option is best for women with thick hair on his eyebrows and the rest of the body.

Disadvantages of wax: The wax can bring consequences after using it as irritation and burns, so if you need to go to an event is important to use this method at least 48 hours before your appointment or super party. Wax women with overly sensitive skin is not recommended and make sure the type of wax used, it can cause allergic reactions.

2. Shaving


The error : Dry shaving

Normally, we should rasurarnos in the shower with warm water dilating our pores, because when we do it in dry our pores are quite closed and that is not good for the skin because it can cause painful irritation or burn that can last us for several days and even leave scars forever.

The solution: If you really need quick shave and do not have time to do it in the shower use a body oil, lotion or even water to soothe irritation, as lubricants make a barrier between your skin and the razor.Also be sure to be in a well – lit area or use a flashlight to avoid cuts and after waxing apply a moisturizer for your skin is not irritated.

The error: Shaving with soap

The solution:  First of all you must remember to exfoliate your skin before shaving. To shave conditioner is used, it is much better than soap and completely moisturizes the skin. After shaving you must apply a body oil or lotion unscented but this should do when your skin is still damp find.

Extra tip: Wait until the end of the shower to shave and so your pores will be completely dilated and above all take your time when shaving, because I do it in a hurry is what irritates the skin.

3. Exfoliation


The error:   Do not exfoliate

For women who shave or wax used must be essential exfoliate before starting the removal process. If you do not exfoliate the right way you will make your skin cells die and the follicles are blocked, also can cause ingrown hairs.

The solution: exfoliate two or three days before shaving or applying wax, try to use a body scrub and areas with hair and a different and special for your face.

The error: Exaggerating with exfoliation

Neither be a fan of exfoliation. Many women also make the mistake of exfoliate after applying wax and that is very bad for your skin, it is especially sensitive after waxing and it is important to take a break after this process.

The solution:  Exfoliate three days before waxing and thus avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.

4. Laser Hair Removal


The error: Do not shave before the session

It is essential to shave before because hair can be very long and this may cause risk of ruining your skin. Keep short hair still it allows the laser’s heat reaches the follicles correct way.

The solution:  Rasura at least 24 hours before the laser session also should not be in the sun for at least six weeks before a session to avoid skin problems during treatment. It also prevents other hair removal like waxing or electrolysis, as they can hinder the process of extracting hair.

5. Shavers


The error: Use the shaver for longer adequate

If you want a clean and smooth shave you must leave this malpractice back. A widely used razor increases the likelihood of skin redness, ingrown hairs and more likely to be cut, because you have to spend part of the blades harder.

The solution: regularly replace the razor knives or razor itself prevents irritation grains appear the next day. Some dermatologists recommend replacing after 4 uses, but it is very often for you, try to change them every two weeks and, especially getting used to replace more followed way.

With these tips you can start to make a proper routine of hair removal that will not only provide more comfort, but also take care of your skin from further damage.

Still some of these tips?