Tell me when you started your period and tell you about your health

Tell me when you started your period and tell you about your health

Part of the life and health of a woman is shared with menstruation. It’s a cycle we have for long years of our lives. Sometimes disreputable, finally is the biological way in which we are able to become mothers. Like it or not be part of you and your body. And clearly influences your overall well – being .

It involves a lot of hormones. There are disorders and associated diseases. It is a world of topics associated with a single function: to play. And the milestones that have marked this sense, can give glimpses of what comes to you in health.


About this is a new study published by the Institute BMC Medicine. For 13 years it was followed more than 320,000 women . All of different ages and with different characteristics. What was recorded was their “biological” events. For example: first menstrual period, breastfeeding (whether or not breastfed), menopause, among others.

While data is being collected, some women had changes. Even several thousand sample died. What gave greater scope to conclusions.

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Mia Colona

Among all cases, events and health status of women, there was one common thread. This was the estrogen . It may sound obvious, because we are women. But the results showed that the more health, less estrogen level was women. Or somehow he had “controlled levels” of the hormone.

Especially there is a “hold” on it when women give birth and do not breastfeed. Or if they use birth control pills to control your menstrual cycle. But, as the study says: ” Our data do not suggest that women who have no children have poorer health […]”. An important thing to consider.

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“Having the first menstruation at an early age, it is associated with high blood pressure and intolerance to lactose. Also to be prone to high body mass during the early years of adulthood, or suffer obesity, all that could be explained to a higher risk of mortality in the last years of life. “

Therefore, our first menstruation or menarche defines certain aspects of our health . And that is the hormonal issue. More than anything being prone to, for example, weight fluctuations. This may be an indicator that you have greater care with your health. It’s nothing to be alarmed about .

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What defines so if we had our menstruation too early? It is that you take better care of your health .Thing you should be doing. The point is to control your estrogen levels. But you have more or less determined not to have a bad life. That depends on your habits in general.

The point is to control us and take action. The researchers in this study say the findings are still open.This is only a first approach. But it is advisable that you respect your natural cycles as is breastfeeding. And any doubt, remember to consult your gynecologist.