Study confirms that people tardy, they’re much more successful!

In the world there are two types of people: those who are always on time for appointments and that for how hard they try, they are affected by a supernatural force that always prevents them from reaching the start time anywhere.

If you are one of the girls who always run away from home, that even though never organize them enough time or of lying when meeting because they know they never arrive in time, we have the best news for you! Although everyone says that being late is disrespectful, recent studies conclude that people arriving late are much more successful, creative and optimistic, compared with others.

Scene from the movie the Devil Wears Prada

According to the research conducted at the San Diego State University, the unpunctual people are very good to perform different tasks simultaneously and, moreover, is much more optimistic.The results claim that unpunctual people lose track of time and thus avoid stress and anxiety.

The optimism of people who are always late benefits them in other aspects such as mental health, and that helps strengthen your immune system and reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease.

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As if that were not enough, optimism is one of the main factors for success in some work: less stress, equal to greater productivity and creativity.

If you are unpunctual, it means you see the world in a different way. So enjoy life because this condition has many, many advantages. Let’s be late it has been said!