Study concluded that drinking one beer a day is good for the heart

Study concluded that drinking one beer a day is good for the heart

In the countries of the southern hemisphere summer approaches and with it, many begin to feel a strongly associated with seasonal high temperatures desire: the desire to drink beer . Just imagine the following: a hot afternoon listening to music with friends drinking beer, eating roast beef and then plunging into a refreshing pool (pool).

Well now you have a small excuse to have a beer … a day!

A study by Pennsylvania State University in the United States, concluded that such behavior is related to better heart health and greater overall well-being.

The results were presented by the American Heart Association and detail that a group of 80,000 people, those who drank beer daily had a slow decline MA ‘s positive cholesterol.

Patients were grouped according to their consumption habits ranging from those who never drank to those who did often and in large quantities.

The study followed these people, all Chinese nationals adults for six years measuring their overall well-being and your cholesterol levels.

The benefits of drinking a beer daily had only effect among those who did so in moderation and not exceeded that measure.

Those who drank more eliminated almost entirely profit.

The study indicates that this benefit could not be replicated in populations other than those studied characteristics.

The American Heart Association recommends people consume alcohol in moderation and be cautious not to start drinking or generate a habit that can then be more negative than positive.

The idea is to always be careful and drink alcohol in moderation.