Start from scratch is brave women

There is a common saying: “back or to gain momentum” and is very successful. All you need is before you: a change of scenery, an unfamiliar city, the boyfriend who imagined never have a change of habits, a new look, everything is there, but start from zero is brave and change your life means leave those things you thought were essential; It means walking without looking back. Would you be willing?

They say that behind every major change there is an earthquake, a jolt that makes you tremble from head to foot; if you’re prepared you extremeness and then you reincorporates quickly, but if not, the earth will depart and leave you plummeting.

Girl with shoes on the desk, thinking.

Strong are those who can go forward despite the pain and despite wanting; they are afraid but they control; the stopping only to take enough time to recover from a disappointment and then continue air.

The “lived happily ever after” is not for sissies, is for who risk, for they know that after the storm always comes the calm, and once past the earthquake just dust themselves off to continue their way. Those who do not, are broken, bruised, torn, desperate, not knowing what to do, they suffer from the disaster. What kind of woman are you?

Young shaking his mane.

Be weak or be brave does the same job, but it takes courage to gather strength, soil and follow up. The most important thing is to make the fear aside and once you know what you are able, you will have many new beginnings: start a relationship with you is a round trip ticket, but not back.

With virtues and defects, fate is aligned and there is always someone you comparisons.Everything has its time. Life always has its own rhythm and today is always a chance to be happy.