Sometimes what begins as a simple madness becomes the best of your life

Sometimes what begins as a simple madness becomes the best of your life

We are confident that throughout your life you’ve started thinking many things that were not worth it , that it was not serious or, even more, it was a real madness .

Because what you start is sometimes so unreasonable that no other choice than to get carried away to see where it leads us.

Believe it or not, this is where the magic of the human being lies in being able toopen up to new experiences to learn from them and discover that therein lies our happiness, our equilibrium.

So, tell us … When was the last time you left off by the joy of life, for that madness overwhelms us and leads us to do things we did not think?

We invite you to reflect on it.

What starts without knowing what starts with madness and illusion

Start a relationship with someone who seems completely opposite to us, with other tastes, another character, yet so related to emotions, feelings and follies. Things like this are undoubtedly the most intense, the most wonderful.

The happiness hidden in the most unexpected places , with the most unexpected and the most curious moments people. Each person has his own personal history where, no doubt, find many such moments.

However, there are several aspects that we should consider. Because, believe it or not,  there are many reluctant to “let go” people , to seize such moments that rarely appear in our life and where it requires a set of skills.

We explain.


The importance of letting go

In our space you have spoken on more than one occasion the concept ” flow ” .Flow, go with the course of life and what brings us always being “present” and aware of everything that happens is undoubtedly a way to find our happiness.

  • Sometimes a fluke, an unexpected circumstance that we go because we do not dare, or because we do not trust, makes tomorrow we repent of all those wasted moments.
  • It is not at all to act without thinking, to do anything without safeguarding our emotional or physical integrity. It is only to be receptive and, above all,  intuitive.

Because there are jumps vacuum worth trying (although, yes, parachute).

Letting go is, above all, trust yourself and understand that to find our well a dose of courage is needed and a touch of certain madness.

Because we never know where we are going to take certain paths

None of us have that wisdom precise and accurate that reveals what paths we take, what people should avoid and what is best to open doors.

Given that nothing is certain and everything can be likely in this world … Why do not you dare?

In reality, our life cycle, our identity and our personal maps are woven in every choice we make, every mistake and every embracing opportunity.

  • We must not forget that the best roads are always beyond that comfort zonein which sometimes we settled to perpetuate our routines and our unhappiness.
  • If you notice what surrounds you now does not make you happy, do not hesitate to set foot beyond that comfort zone where you control everything but where nothing satisfies you.
  • What lies beyond the comfort zone can give us fear, we can test and we might even sound crazy but sometimes all these new emotions are the best medicine for our griefs.

woman-in-the-water happy so begins

What begins without knowing how and becomes our whole being

An example: someone asks you to do something, a dessert , a dress, a photo, you organize a party … When you do, all praise the result, to the extent that you propose that you dedicate yourself to it, to turn it into your lifestyle, your work.

  • There are times when life brings you begin random acts without giving undue importance and yet, soon, we realize that is not madness, it is not nonsense.

That actually may be the best we have experienced so far .

For these things to happen it is we need to remain vigilant and trust our instincts.This is where is our best value, personal safety.