She is the most adorable athlete of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

Since August 5 networks have been invaded news, memes and videos of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, from athletes who become legends  to athletes who were strongly criticized as Alexa Moreno . But this time we speak of a gentle character who is conquering the world: Fu Yuanhui.

This 20 year old girl is a Chinese swimmer who is stealing the hearts of all Internet because of their adorable reactions during competitions. In recent days, during the women’s 100 meters semifinals back, he managed to break his own record and qualify for the finals, but did the best when the reporter broke the news.

Fu Yuanhui is the swimmer who is captivating everyone in Rio 2016

Fu Yuanhi making funny faces

A reporter informed him that he had passed the final and his reaction was only

GIF Fu excited Yuanhi

It broke its own record! I could not believe it

Fu Yuanhi saying wow GIF

He is even difficult to breathe

GIF Fu Yuanhi unable to breathe

She could not hide her excitement!

Chinese swimmer GIF

This is the interview that has us all in love with Fu

Finally the charming swimmer won a bronze medal

Fu Yuanhi receiving medal

And of course she held it as only she knows how

Fu GIF celebrating Yuanhi

Although apparently not the first time that Fu does its thing

Fu Yuanhi with his medal

He was also very spontaneous winning the FINA World Championship 2015

Fu GIF Yuanhi sticking out his tongue

He never has suppressed his emotions to compete

Fu Yuanhi screaming in excitement

Everything in it is unique and charming!

Fu Yuanhi if embracing medal

Please never change Fu!

Fu GIF screaming Yuanhi

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