She has helped to die more than 50 kids just playing guitar next to their beds

She has helped to die more than 50 kids just playing guitar next to their beds

Hospital Care Center Laguna, in Madrid, a talented guitarist named Mery Martinez-Gil attends every day to visit the children who suffer severe, or those who have little hope of living conditions. She,dressed in black and accompanied by his faithful guitar, sings to them and help them to die … and just playing guitar.

Mery, besides being a guitarist, is also a graduate vocalist Music Education and has studies in music therapy , why attending the hospital to help dozens of children with disabilities, in a vegetative state, lost or those who are dying and they do not know. And Mery helps them understand and accept by their warm melodies.

Instead of choosing to teach in a school, have a band and meet other dreams musician, Mery chose to help children who can not enjoy music themselves , those children who are dying and can no longer be a moment of relaxation without fear.

“Some are afraid. It has happened to stop singing or playing and a child (of those who understand you, usually cancer patients) breaks to mourn and calls her mother . They know they are dying and see that they are losing their strength. And at the end the music tell you: ‘ I’m afraid “

Gil Martinez -Mery World

In his visits Mery shares with children, they sing, they stop playing guitar and celebrates them every gesture they do. Children who hear it feel happier and, in fact, have a low heart rate and an increase in oxygen saturation in her blood … and obviously … smile.


There are times when Mery can not bear the sadness and crying,but then has good moments with the children and believes that both are well , it is their way to help. To help these children smile again through music.

“Many parents with children in palliative care stop, raise high walls around them, as iftrying that nothing affects them ; They know that their children are still alive, yes, but disconnected. Suddenly, with music, they watch them smile and then change. With music there is an emotional plus with the word plain does not exist “

Gil Martinez -Mery World

In Spain, the leading cause of infant death in children under one year is congenital malformation.Then the cancer is in charge of taking thousands of children, of which only a few Mery has been able to help.

Mery has seen from dozens of children, and some have marked. As Peter, who was only 3 years old and whose parents adored smile and greatly appreciated the gesture of the guitarist . However, it has also seen instances where money has made theirs and has been stronger than his music therapy.But despite all he has seen children from, Mery is left with good memories, good and happy songs.


And also, with the beautiful souls who have come into your life and have given more lessons than any kind of music.