She does amazing yoga positions to promote inner peace

Heidi Williams is an American woman who has impressed the world with the amazing pictures of yoga poses his Instagram account. However, the story of Heidi with yoga is much deeper than a hobby; after surviving a rape, Williams experienced anxiety and depression so strongly that left her on the verge of death when he attempted suicide.

But to find peace between mind and body, this young man  was convinced that no destructive thought could be as powerful as the serenity that she experiences while doing yoga. Heidi now manages online support groups and offers help to his followers to find the strength, flexibility and grace that their bodies are able to achieve peace of mind by offering philosophy yogi . Look at Heidi contort and make the most beautiful yoga discipline thanks to its incredible poses.

 Heidi finds serenity through Yoga

pink-haired woman writhes in the desert

“I was able to heal my mental illness and now I just dedicated my life and career helping others find their process of self healing”.

 After surviving anxiety and depression

semi naked woman doing yoga in the desert

Yoga became his personal psychological therapy

woman doing yoga in nature hincada

While contorts his body, his mind heals Heidi

woman writhes in rocks and nature

And forgive mental conditions that used to hurt

woman writhes on sunset beach

Heidi believes that yoga is the gateway to self-acceptance

woman writhes on the dock

A road leading to recognize the value of the body

spring woman poses in underwear

And it helps keep thoughts of peace of mind

woman on a rock contorts

So you test your body every day

woman writhes on sunset beach

And he stopped doubting in their strength and flexibility

woman on the beach doing yoga

To achieve poses that steal your breath

naked woman doing yoga position

And inspire you to lose the fear to challenge your body

naked woman doing yoga position

Do you dare to try?

naked woman doing yoga position