She became famous as a pregnant fitness and now reveals how hard it was

She became famous as a pregnant fitness and now reveals how hard it was

Some time ago this picture was viral. Indeed, it was a mother – in top form, he shared a striking image on social networks. It is clear that the girl to whom I refer is not the right but to the left, which also expecting a baby at the time of photography.

His name is Chontel Duncan  and became popular at the time for being a mom fitness,  it was pregnant with the body that many dream of having, but today this girl shows that nothing is free in this life and the price she had to pay no it was lower.

They are Chontel and her friend

Chontel Duncan and her friend during pregnancy.

Contrary to what one might think, there are only a few weeks of difference between the two pregnancies.

Before and after

Chontel before and after giving birth.

So sported two weeks before giving birth and the day after caesarean section.

Thus they passed 9 months

The nine months of pregnancy young.

It took a weekly photographic record to see your progress.

But not everything was hunky-dory

Photography of Chontel in their 39th week of pregnancy.

What Chontel wants to show his most recent publication, it is that look amazing body during pregnancy can have consequences. Australian girl, who was a finalist for Miss Universe in 2009 and known for his abs of steel, tells the world the hard times she went through because of his decision to want to maintain a well-exercised body.

“It’s all about being fit”

Photography scar young.

Fitness queen recently confessed that developing your abs became a cage for his son, and had great difficulty at birth. The model even showed a picture of her belly with scar caesarean section procedure that had to undergo because of the difficulties for a natural birth was given.

“I cried, I felt I had failed … but then Sam reminded me of my mantra, which was ‘do everything necessary so that the baby does not feel anything’ and smiled. Surely I signed the paperwork and 20 minutes had my baby. They had various problems to get my belly Jeremiah because my abs had locked in a tense manner. I began to vomit during the operation, and so my scar is at my right hand, because the surgeon had to cut more and use forceps to pull Jeremiah “.

He felt he had failed

Chontel photograph with her son Jeremiah.

“Maybe it’s the downside of having a very strong twenty. I cured myself according to what the doctor told me. My scar is quite large and can feel the scar tissue. I would like to have three more children, and always try to have a vaginal birth with each. To all those women who are out there with a cesarean scar, I am very proud of what it means mine and precious gift I got through it. They are memories of the day we become mothers. “