Sailor Moon returns to the big screen in 2017!

If you are one of the girls who grew up in a generation of space seamanship, mystical cats and an incredible group of friends who called Sailor Scouts , ultimately, you’re from ours! So sure brincaste of excitement when you heard that in 2017 Sailor Moon returns to the big screen with Sailor Moon: The promise of the Rose , a film that can be seeing the next year.

And if that were not enough, today the news that Internet invades and fills our hearts with joymoon is that, after 20 years, there will be a new season on TV.

So all ready to say, “By the power of the lunar prism”.

Sailor Moon: The promise of the Rose

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The story unfolds with the return of an alien named Fiore who kidnaps Tuxedo Mask, the one great love of Serena. So Sailor Moon will face a giant army of evil flowers, with the help of her best friends, Sailors Scouts to save the boy she loves.

This will be an epic revival

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The promise of the rose will be the first installment of a trilogy inspired by our favorite seaworthy. The film was released in 1993, but only for television. So now, in its revival for the big screen, we can have the option to see the original Japanese audio with subtitles or dubbed into English.

It is the first film of a trilogy endearing

The film will hit US in January 2017 and are yet to confirm dates for Mexico and the rest of Latin America, and then wait for the revival of two films that would be left to the trilogy. Love Princess Kaguya and the black hole dreams  are the movies that will be waiting in 2017, after watchingSailor Moon: The promise of the rose. 

We are ready for 2017!

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