Russian scientists: yes, you can breathe underwater

The investigation is based on the use of a liquid capable of supplying oxygen airway, allowing the lungs work under high pressures at depth. scientists: yes, you can breathe underwater” src=”” alt=”Russian scientists: yes, you can breathe underwater” border=”0″ />

Russian scientists Fund Advanced Research (FPI, its acronym in English) have been developing a project allow humans to breathe underwater in order to carry out tasks of search and rescue in the depths, reports the newspaper ‘ Rossiyskaya Gazeta ‘. So far, researchers have performed experiments on dogs with very encouraging results. He according reported the journalist Igor Cherniak, who witnessed one of the tests performed in the laboratory of FPI, based in Moscow, one of the participants in the experiment was submerged in the water and managed to remain there about 15 minutes animals.


As the Cherniak himself explains, such a result was possible thanks to the use of a liquid to fill the airways supplies oxygen to the body, allowing the lungs to work under high pressures of the deep.The development of this technique water breathing it is based on studies in the 80s in the Soviet Union consistent in supplying the lungs a special blend of gas that allowed the so – called ‘aquanauts’ dive to depths of between 300 and 500 meters.