Rob Kardashian’s daughter is the exact copy of his late grandfather. The news touched more than one

Rob Kardashian's daughter is the exact copy of his late grandfather. The news touched more than one

Well, here we will start talking about the Kardashian family again so be prepared because they do not think it’s the last. And that continue to generate news with facts that are involved, no matter howinsignificant they are. Apart from that the world does not forget … an important detail.

Now the new is the daughter of Rob Kardashian, the brother who was thin and is now fat, but fat enough. And that is with a girl who was with the current boyfriend of Kylie Jenner. And not only that, but they have a child together. Maximum rarity, but if Kardashian is not normal.

Rob and Chyna so called this girl who by the way: stripper was before, they had their first child. We thought you would put a name with the famous letter K and would continue with the tradition that the Kardashian always begin with that letter, at least women, but it was not. The small, which of course is not to blame for being born in such a dysfunctional family, it is called Dream.

And when Rob saw he could not help remembering his late father, Robert Kardashian , who died in 2003 and was a lawyer in the famous OJ Simpson case. Attorney to children who do nothing more than show up in show business, you look at change.

“She is an exact copy. Pops sent us an angel. It is a true blessing. He is happier than anyone on this day. I am so happy and grateful ”

Do you see the resemblance? To my cost me the truth. And I feel sad comparing the poor child with a man, who incidentally was nothing graceful. But I can not deny that I find very tender that Rob remind your father so beautifully.

What do you think?