13 Looks with the evolution in style of the pretty, and lying more small: Lucy Hale

All we know Lucy Hale for her role as Aria in the series Pretty Little Liars, and since then we have closely followed his career. That is why it is inevitable that we noticed the incredible change, both physical and style. Speaking of the latter, the actress has gone through different looks: first with a cut of long hair that dragged on his face and then with a mane blonde that made her look more mature. And that’s not all, in terms of their dress Lucy is known for having a look avant-garde, elegant and relaxed.

Today is his birthday and to celebrate, we present you the amazing evolution of style that has had the adorable mentirosa through the years.

1. 2006

Lucy Hale usando un vestido rosa y cabello planchado

Before interpreting the character of Aria was not afraid to have fun with your style. In its 17 years Lucy liked the dresses and fresh prints that give it a sweet aspect. As for the styling, I preferred the hair ironing and with their natural color.

2. 2007

Lucy Hale usando un vestido color morado con medias y botines

At the premiere of High School Musical 2 highlighted on the red carpet when you wear a dress with patterned, black tights and booties.

3. 2008

Lucy Hale usando una falda de color negro y top blanco

For a time Lucy is not left behind its feminine style and campirano, that’s why on the red carpet, it was very common to see it with skirts of ruffles, spaghetti straps and comfortable flats.

4. 2009

Lucy Hale usando un vestido rosa

With a neck dress criss-cross and a black bag, it looked totally elegant and feminine. It was a way of maintaining a style appropriate for their age.

5. 2010

Lucy hale usando un vestido negro con encaje

Without afraid to show her more flirty, Lucy mixed a lace dress with one shoulder uncovered and shoes cherry red colour.

6. 2011

Lucy hale usando un vestido rosa con líneas negras

In that year Lucy was already a part of the series Pretty Little Liars, is connected both with his character that he began to adopt the style bold and fashion at the Aria. At the Teen Choice Awards 2011 appeared with a minidress patterned.

7. 2012

Lucy hale usando un vestido blanco con estampado

The choice of attire for the Awards Halo was impeccable. Although it was decided by a white dress and sandals, black was super chic.

8. 2013

Lucy Hale usando un vestido blanco con negro y zapatillas azules

The actress prefers the colors white and black to be able to mix with details and accessories that make them stand out.

9. 2014

Lucy Hale usando un vestido con estampado en color beige

Lucy held the fifth season of PLL with a change of look: his hair was light golden reflections; left by the loose hair for a braid fish tail slightly messy, which gave a fresh touch to your feminine appearance. Simply elegant!

10. 2015

Lucy Hale usando un vestido negro de encaje

The actress completely dominates the art of bob, since the 2015 has chosen to carry a mane messy.

11. 2016

Lucy Hale usando una falda negra con top guinda

During the Billboard awards 2016 the actress appeared on the red carpet by using a top of the color cherry and lace skirt that made her look elegant and at the same time very sexy.

12. 2017

Lucy Hale usando un vestido de color amarillo y zapatos rojos

Although often choose garments above the knees to elongate your figure, you can also risk with cut dresses midi. During the spring of 2017, Lucy opted for dresses in bright colors and combined it with sandals that would give a contrast.

13. 2018

Lucy Hale usando un traje de escote profundo

Lucy is a female chameleon who is not afraid to change the color of your hair or risk it with loose clothing and large that will shorten your figure. To attend the party of the magazine Vanity Fair this year chose a suit with a deep neckline.