Premiere trailer of ‘The secret of Selena’ and Yolanda Saldivar appears to be more villainess than ever

After a long wait, finally revealed a sneak preview of The secret of Selena, series based on the book of the journalist Maria Celeste Arrás, which tells the version of Yolanda Saldivar, the murderer of Selena Quintanilla Perez.

At the beginning of April, the actress charged with playing the Queen of Tex Mex, Maya Zapata, shared his first images characterized as the lead singer of forbidden Love, what impressed the fans by their great resemblance between the two.

Who took the limelight during the two minutes in the trailer was Damayanti Quintanar, actress in charge to interpret the killer of Selena. The performance, with the same tone of voice, expressions, and looks, suggests that his character will be quite dark and mysterious, and is sure to give you much of what to talk about in the 13 chapters of the series that will be broadcast by TNT.

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After the success with the series biographies of Luis Miguel, the fans demanded the same formula to get to know more of the history of their idols, but this time with the story of the queen of tejano music.

So much has been expected, that the number of followers on Twitter are already ready for everything: to compare the actors with pictures of the characters in real life, designing merchandise inspired by the villains (like the t-shirts Luisito Rey), and of course… ¡generate memes!

That fact no one saw him coming, however, the idea is brilliant: the Tex-Mex came to Disney! Remember not to make plans in August, 2018, for the premiere of the series The secret of Selena will you not take-offs of the television to relive the departure of one of the major stars of the Spanish music.