Vicky Form throws some panties with the vibrator that will make you celebrate EACH goal of the world

If you’re tired of that your boyfriend do to one side every time he sees a football game, it is time that you make the passes and enjoy it as much as he of the best sporting event while using the new underwear. Yes, you read it well, because it connect the female underwear through a sensor to “feel the game” World of Russia is the first commitment to technology that Vicky Form has done for you.

Of the hand of the tech company Machina, the lingerie brand created a panti female that integrates a sensor vibrator connected to a mobile app called Feel the game, which regulates in real time the vibrations of the garment depending on the intensity of the match tuned.

Your love for the sport will be inevitable

pareja de novios viendo fútbol

The World Cup was the perfect excuse for Vicky Form to advertise a new product: panties that include a vibrator with the aim of “feel the emotion of football.”

Historically there is a problem between men and women around that sport, which is the fact that you do not enjoy it the same way. Therefore, in conjunction with Machina, a mexican company of technology, created a garment smart so that we enjoy more the games of soccer, so it can be programmed to vibrate every time our favorite team’s goal a goal.

Live the emotion of football to the maximum

chica gritando

The pantyhose comes with the device. To download an application for Android or IOS and with it you will choose the team of preference. In the real-time choose different levels of vibration to measure the intensity in certain situations in football, such as goals or penalties. The device can also be configured based on the orientation of the ball, the position of the players and the important moments of the race in which pantyhose must vibrate

There is nothing equal in this world

pareja recostada en el sofá

Despite the fact that there are similar devices on the market, the executive of Vicky Form noted that the majority requires the use of a remote control to be activated, and its activation for obvious reasons, is predictable.

It is important to us that no one has control. Does not share in the essence of the brand if the user gives the control to someone else, it is the party that defines it and that is why it is a product completely different; I have not seen anything like it in the world.

Zaga, CEO, Vicky Form

Unfortunately we will have to wait to use it

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It is still unknown the date on which the garment will go on the market and there is only the pre-sale because it is still in the development phase.

We believe that, despite the fact that the World will end when we finish the clothes, it’s always going to be league, Champions league and others (tournaments) to continue to promote the product.