12 Challenges to get to know yourself that you will avoid any crisis of the 20

As you grow up, you discover what is your way of being, you’re going to adapt to the environment and develop a personality that interacts in different social circles. Perhaps you may feel lost with so many ways of thinking and do not already know, or what you want or who you are.

To deepen your person it is necessary that you take some time alone. You can go within yourself with the help of personality tests and other psychological tools, in addition to activities and, above all, with time alone.

1. Unleash the creativity

Actividades artisticas

To know what you’re capable of nothing better than to give you a nailed on artistic activities. Through poetry, drawing and to the dance you can express how you feel, leave behind your worries and see what you are able to. You may be an excellent painting which will help to lower your stress levels; the best thing is to stretch as a dancer and flow on the dance floor; or you may want to compose love songs.

2. Find your description in the stars

carta astral

If you are one of those girls who like astrology then you can see how is your person according to the day and hour of your birth, with a birth chart. All your information is used to create a map of your way of being, how you are with people, alone, what qualities you have developed and what aspects you have to work to be better. Some pages on the Internet offer you that service for free.

3. Family tree

Árbol genealogico

To know your origins is to delve into a part of your past, to know who were your grandfathers and grandmothers. Perhaps you inherited the taste for painting of an aunt or you were born into a family of doctors. Ask about your family takes you to get to know stories of your ancestors, who you can inspire to follow conociéndote more.

4. Practice yoga

chicas practicando yoga

There are many variations of this ancient practice hindu. It is an activity that will be used to determine the physical intelligence, which keeps your body. You will learn to recognize your limits and breath to defeat them, an hour a day dedicated to getting yourself in every cell of your being.

5. Go to the doctor


Strange as it sounds, if you want to really get to know you you’ll have to go to the doctor. It is necessary to perform regular checkups to detect anomalies and to see that your body is healthy. Visit the specialists you need: gynecologist, nutritionist, dentist, eye doctor… anyone that you need.

6. Personality Test

test de personalidades

There are plenty of on-line questionnaires and most of them are free. You just have to answer some questions to see what type of personality you qualify. After reading the description that is most suitable to your person, you’ll be able to delve and discover a little more about you.

7. Stay away from the technology

chica en el bosque

When you’re all the time on the phone or the computer you get away from the people, of yourself and of your goals. Try a weekend without technology to be yourself and enjoy what’s around you; visit a park or a nearby forest; enjoy the smells and sounds natural. At the end of the day your mobile will be waiting for you.

8. Looking for new friends

nuevas amigas

Don’t let your friends of the soul, but open to meeting new people. The people that comes into your life brings new lessons. No matter how long they are on your side, what really matters is the connection and the exchange of knowledge that occurs with people who come from different places. Take parts of yourself, that sometimes you can’t get to see your own.


The way in which you write reveals little information about your personality, if the letter is too big or small, if you close the strokes or leave it open… The graphology studies the scripture as a means to decipher the character and you can find some data on the Internet to discover a little more of it.

10. Learn how to meditate

meditar chica

There are several types of meditation, not all is to sit in lotus and clear your mind. Some applications and Youtube videos teach you how to enter into the inner world with different meditative practices, it is only a matter of try and find what makes you feel more comfortable. Learn to relax and enjoy.

11. Test related to your physical

como eres segun tu cuerpo

The Internet is full of simple illustrations that describe you according to the shape of your lips, eyes, hands, and even how you feel. You can type in the search engine “how I am according to the shape of my nails”, and read the descriptions; they are not items to be reliable, but you will have fun a little and you’ll be amazed if it matches your result with your personality.

12. Visit a psychologist

chica visita el psicologo

As well as your physical health should be monitored by a doctor, take care of your mental health. Like medicine, psychology has many branches and specialties, a therapist can accompany you and guide you on your path of introspection.