Disney launches backpack collection with Minnie ears; his color rose gold you will fall in love!

If you are one of those who follow all the news on official products of Disney, you may be in agreement that the latest accessories of the brand, as the line of diademadas with Minnie Mouse ears, are the gift every girl should receive before visiting Disneyland for the first time.

From the success with the diadems, the company’s most famous mouse of the world understood our obsession with almost any garment or souvenir in color golden pink, and at this time, agreed more to the public with the launch of a new article in that tone: a small backpack that only a true fan of Minnie deserves to have in his life.

The best things in life comes in pink gold

mochila lentejuela color rosa gold

Every detail in this bag is totally magical: from small sequins to the straps and the bow skin turned this backpack into a gift for envy. In the center you can see the official logo of the Disney parks, and the name of the brand Loungefly. A whole new accessory collection!

The news that we broke his heart

mochila rosa gold

With a cost of $ 85 in the shops of Disney World, this line of bags sold out the same day of its release (June 7), so they were a few lucky persons to get the backpack. The saddest part of all this is that it sold so fast it never reached or online stores.

Your demand was so great that the resale price is tripled!

mujer de espaldas usando mochila

To date, Disneyland has not confirmed if the backpacks will be back in the dressers, but in the event that your obsession is exaggerated, you can buy one of these at retail for e-bay, only that with the “slight” increase in its price of 279 dollars! This is an option.

The backpacks are beautiful and life is SO unfair

mujer con dos mochilas color rosa gold

They are so beautiful, bright, pink, and, sadly, it unattainable! Lights the candle and waits with us that a second line is re-launched shortly, in the meantime we can only admire these beauties.