13 Tips for buying a blouse protagonist with which you get more of a look

There is No worse courage to get clothes new that wasting valuable tickets, well saved, in the “purchase boot”, those that when you see a garment on the sideboard, and everything seems like a good idea, but when you get home and try to a look nothing works, you don’t have with what to combine this blouse or shirt!

If you’ve never experienced this, I envy you, you were born with the talent to choose good clothes to the first. Otherwise, if you already spent that you have spent on clothing “novel” the hour of the truth just don’t work in your closet, take note, because here I offer you all my experience with 12 rules to buy a blouse protagonist with which you can create more than one look.

1. The first thing you should evaluate is the material of the blouse

Dos mujeres blusa morada terciopelo

When a blouse, statement crosses your path always remember to put eye to this: the fabric matter. Is it a durable fabric?, what looks fine or cheap?

2. The buns, olanes, fringes and details crazy are the trend

mujer con blusa blanca con holanes

Sure you see most of your bloggers favorite using one of these; redirects your search towards that path.

3. These blouses with shave look better in a solid color

mujeres con blusas de colores solidos rosa y blanco

Blouses of a single sleeve, bows back or ties in the front will give you the touch new your look of always.

4. Also look great with discrete patterns

mujer con blusa con patron de cuadros

If the fabric is patterns small, as thin lines or small squares, ribbons, olanes and details crazy make you look better to your blouse.

5. But if the prints are bigger, better looking cuts classic

mujer con blusa de estampado colorido y falda negra

As a shirt easily without to shave to distract the attention of the press.

6. In a matter of brightness, less is more

mujer con blusa verde de brillo


7. Now or never: learn how to fajarte!

mujer con camisa de botones y jeans

Creates an imaginary line that goes from your buttons to the kick in your pants. Starts at fajar centre of your belly button to and down toward the hips, never from the outside in.

Once fajadita, move your arms from top to bottom to ensure that you have freedom of movement and that everything is in order. If you are looking for a look more casual, even bringing a shirt, you can avoid strapping the sides; try and get a style, semi-formal, but quite chic.

8. Try medium fajada

mujer rubia con jeans y camisa fajada

The dress shirts are one of the garments more vérsatiles your closet you can have. Turn a shirt simply by rolling up their sleeves and fajando only one side of it.

9. Keep in mind the color of trend

mujer con cabello morado

So you know the kind of colors that all the girls are looking for, just like you. It is possible that you buy a blouse in the same tone that many more!

10. Respect your style and be true to your instincts

mujer con blusa de rayas de colores

If you feel that the color, cut or stamped on will not go to your style and personality, dismisses the idea. It is that look of a garment with safety, and if something doesn’t make you feel comfortable from the beginning, be assured that it will not work.

Instead, go for cuts, colors and prints which, from the outset, you already know that they look amazing on you.

11. The small details count

mujer con camisa de cuadros y pañuelo

On the contrary, do not overload your look with more of a detail to be protagonist in your blouse.

12. Do not stay with the desire to prove anything

mujer con blusa croptop sombrero y jeans

Try on everything; it always happens that at first sight a blouse cut in a different and novel, putting it on the mannequin, do not convince at all. It is better to try it and realize that it’s not your style to let you get a garment protagonist without having given him an opportunity.