15 Moments that ONLY you will understand if you are also the queen of the drama between your friends

The drama comes included in the DNA of every woman, we all have a little of this delightful, but annoying dressing. But there are some that really overwhelm and exaggerate their reactions with every small detail, achieving the best melodramas soap operas.

What is most fascinating about these people is that their reactions are so fun that never goes unnoticed, and we can’t live without their scenario is devastating, in which a small fact can become a sign of the apocalypse. Surely you know someone well, and if not, then you are. These are some of the situations that they live every day women who love tragedy.

1. Will you offend if you say dramatic

gif dramática

2. You are not disguising


3. Your reactions scare your friends

mujer dramática niurka

4. Everyone knows when something happens

kim kardashian dramática

5. Endure hunger is not your thing

meme okchicas dramática

6. What you inherited from your mother

mujer dramática

7. The drama follows you

meme okchicas dramática

8. You get mad when it takes more than 5 minutes to reply to your messages

gif mujer dramática

9. This is your expression when you can’t find the cell

mujer dramática

10. When you get to any place, all notice

gif mujer dramática

11. You can’t stand that people criticize you

enojada britney spears

12. In private, you repent of your behavior

meme okchicas dramática

13. Sometimes you think that you’ll have no friends

enojada lindsay lohan

14. But you know that’s never going to happen

soraya sonriendo

15. Because you are the one that gives flavor to your lives

gif beyoncé