12 Types of exnovios that pass through your life as your favorite movies

It is true that finding the love of your life is not an easy task, and many times tends to be away from the stereotypes that the film sells us, as in the movie of The diary of a passion, in which two people are coming together despite the time and distance.

However, the film also shows us the reality of the heartbreak, and the types of exnovios that surely will for our lives. If you don’t believe, check out these 12 movies that inevitably you will feel identified.

1. The dreamer, Like Crazy

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We all have that romance that we believe that everything will turn out perfectly and that, regardless of the problems, they will find the way of being together, and just as Jacob and Anna we blindly and we refuse to see that we are falling into an illusion.

2. The one that loved you but never wanted to, Blue Valentine

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Dean spent years trying to get the love of his wife, agreed to have the child of another man and decided to forget the past, to be with her, but he never managed to receive even a little of his genuine affection.

3. Which ended up making it to one side, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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Knives was a sweet girl, innocent and wanted to her boyfriend Scott, but he ended up making it to one side as he met Ramona. He is that type of man that, “without wanting to”, it ends hiriéndote because their ideals of love do not fit with yours.

4. The obsessive repented, The great Gatsby

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Gatsby is a man of success, but lacks of happiness, for having renounced the true love of his life. It will always appear that former repented ready to do anything in order to return to our lives, the problem is that we tend to overcome them.

5. The one that I will never forget, The science of sleep

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Stephane represent a sweetness that you usually find only once in life, and that, quite by chance of fate, disappears from our life, but we never forget.

6. The you’re never going to overcome, Titanic

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Rose, despite the fact that he lived more than 90 years, could never forget Jack, not by the fact that he saved her life, but because you changed it completely.

7. You warned him, 500 Days of Summer

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Although it is a woman, Summer represents perfectly that boy who appeared suddenly in our life and that, despite the fact that warned us that we do not enamoráramos of him, we decided to fall into his arms, putting at risk our hearts.

8. The immature irresistible, Along Came Polly

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Scott and Polly are unpredictable, immature, and do not seem to be fully ready for a relationship, but his personality is so strange and different that it is inevitable to fall in love with them.

9. The workaholic, Whiplash

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Andrew is focused to build your career regardless of which the world conspires against you, and this is what it takes to make your partner side. It is difficult to go out with a workaholic, but many times we need to accept that what makes for his future and we should be happy for that.

10. Who does not know what he wants, One Day

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A classic that we hate and many times we ruin life, it’s that guy that doesn’t know what he wants and that, even if you have everything in front of him, he refuses to accept it.

11. That only wants sex, Don Jon

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Jon is a sex addict and you’re only interested in the bodies, sensual, attractive women, porn, and nothing more. Don’t have the head for feelings, nor for any other thing. In a few words is one of those dangers into which many fall, and of which they repent in the future.

12. The depressive, Ruby Sparks

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Calvin is that type of guy melancholy though it seems to have found the love you feel dissatisfied, sad and with unexpected needs to become to feel happy.