I alert commitment! Ariana Grande will marry her boyfriend of two weeks

In early may, Ariana Grande announced her breakup with rapper Mac Miller, who lasted two years. A couple of weeks later, the singer confirmed his new courtship with the comedian of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davison, and since then the couple has not been separated even for a moment.

Davison and Large, are known from 2016, when they worked together in the comedy show SNL , and thanks to this meeting began a beautiful friendship. It is said that since then they maintained contact, however, both had a couple as well that they were just good friends.

Two years of that first meeting, and two weeks since took things to the next level, the tórtolos advanced quickly in their relationship and a couple of hours the portal TMZ confirmed that no one saw this coming: we are committed!

He confirmed the news and nobody could believe it

The portal TMZ, one of the news sites about celebrities more popular in the united States, confirmed the news on Monday 11 through a video shared on the platform.

At the beginning of June, Davidson was tattooed with a mask with rabbit ears as a symbol of their love for the singer; this was a sample of love quite notorious for a relationship a couple of weeks, but fans never expected that the following would be a ring. It is worth mentioning that both artists have 24 years and they had never before been committed; that if that was a big step!

Ariana has a week using the engagement ring

Large took advantage of his recent presentation on iHeartRadio to show off the beautiful and huge ring that he gave her now fiance. Like most of the fans of the singer No Tears Left To Cry, we could not believe the news, but also we wish the best for this young couple!