15 Characters of the cartoon that are not with us anymore; even always, friends!

The girls who lived the era of the 90’s had the opportunity to enjoy great cartoons and children’s movies, so it is very likely to remember the secondary characters, right? Many have tried to make life miserable for the protagonists; others had the role of being the companion of adventures and, of course, were also those that only appeared once but they remained forever in the memory. Unfortunately had to leave for a better place, and when we talk about leaving, we mean that, they already died…

Well, it may not be entirely true, but some theories of Internet ensure that they left this world and have ruled the cause of death. These are the 15 cartoon characters who said goodbye.

1. Ms. Finster from Recess

La señora Finster de Recreo 

Unfortunately the teacher who was in charge of maintain order during the recess he died for a cardiac arrest three years ago.

2. The old man Jenkins from Sponge Bob

El viejo Jenkins de Bob Esponja 

The character of Sponge Bob died at the age of 98 from natural causes while sleeping peacefully in his bed; the old man Jenkins she is survived by her only son, the young Jenkins.

3. Spot along of Rugrats

Spike de Rugrats 

A couple of years ago that spot along left this world.

4. Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

Scooby appeared half a century ago, there is no way he has survived so long.

5. Just Bag of Courage, the dog coward

Justo Bolsa de Coraje, el perro cobarde 

The old man that he was always upset he died of a heart attack after having a strong discussion with Muriel, his wife. She continues to live, he sold his house in the village of nowhere, moved to the big city next to Courage and is happier than ever. Thursdays and Saturdays are going to play bingo.

6. The maternal grandparents of Tommy Pickles of Rugrats

 Los abuelos maternos de Tommy Pickles de Rugrats 

When the cartoon premiered, were already very old. Had a death very similar to the ancianitos of Titanic: cuddled while they slept.

7. Daggett and Norbert of beaver and grumpy

 Daggett y Norbert de Los castores cascarrabias 

The beavers have a life expectancy of 10 years. It would be very foolish to assume that you are still alive today; in addition, constantly had fights, it is rumored that one of them was so strong that they did not survive.

8. Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron

La señorita Ave de Jimmy Neutron 

Just died. Let’s continue.

9. Patch the pirate from Spongebob

Parche el pirata de Bob Esponja 

When you have a job as a pirate constantly, you’re exposed to a life of adventure, but you’re also surrounded by dangers, so if you manage to reach old age is great; unfortunately, Patch was unable to do so.

10. Chip Skylark of The padrinos magical

Chip Skylark de Los padrinos mágicos

He died because of the intense gastritis that being with Vicky was causing it.

11. Darwin of The Thornberryes

Darwin de Los Thornberryes 

Darwin died when he fell into a volcano in a jungle. End.

12. The mayor of The powerpuff girls

El alcalde  de Las chicas superpoderosas

His advanced age no longer allowed him to withstand the disasters that the girls he caused to Saltadilla. After leaving his position as mayor he went to a farmhouse where he died of natural causes.

13. Plank from Ed, Edd and Eddy

Tablón de Ed, Edd y Eddy 

Literally the wooden boards does not have a life of their own, so he is dead, it always has been.

14. Edna Krabappel of The Simpsons

Edna Krabappel de Los Simpson

Marcia Wallace was responsible for giving a voice to the this year. Krabappel, but because he died in 2013, the producers decided that the character was removed from the series. There is no known cause of death or the manner in which Edna died, but Bart wrote a farewell message on the blackboard that said: “You will be missed this year. K”.

15. Biggie Cheese from The Farm

[embedded content]

The rapper that she used to liven up the festivities of the animals of The Farm had an unhealthy lifestyle: poor diet, overweight and hypertension ended with his life.