Girl confesses to feeling alone because of bullying; Hugh Jackman turns in his HERO

Probably there is nothing more painful for a parent than finding out that their child is not happy, and more if it is because of people without feelings. This is exactly what you must have felt the mother of Cassidy Slater, a small 10-year-old who lives in Pennsylvania, united States.

The girl decided to share through your account on Facebook an emotional video, in which he describes the horrible situation that he has been living in their school for a few years. His only request: stop the bullying.

Could not withstand more

niña denuncia bullying

The child tells the little messages written on sheets of machine how has been harassed by four children since I was in first grade.

It feels desperate

As requested, everyone wanted me to repost… This is a video my daughter Cassidy posted orginally from her own Facebook page, her caption said ” please, everyone help share my story about being bullied not only for me but for everyone,” Her story reached 22k views before the Scranton School Dirstict contacted Facebook and her facebook got shut down because she’s not 13 and of age to have a facebooK. She was threatened by the principal to remove the video or I was going to report it and I was successful. But this does not stop here, I will be my daughters voice I will share her story and I hope others will share too, this Isn’t about the shares or views or if it goes viral stis about spreading awareness although seeing that smile on Cassidy”s face each time the number of views and shares got larger that was everything. Shes upset she has to start all over but let’s do this for her….please share her story let’s put that smile back on her face!!!

Posted by Jenn Slater on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

My name is Cassidy, I’m 10 years old. I go to school John Adams.

I’m in fourth grade, I began to be harassed when I was in first.

One day, during recess, a group of kids grabbed my backpack, spat and I spit to me.

The group of children, always looking for me during recess, trying to fight with me. I have been beaten, I kicked, I pulled at the hair, pushed me, I stepped and I spit on him.

The kids don’t even want to get closer to me. Every time I sit down at the lunch table, the boys woke up.

Them even I have thrown milk on the jacket. And I have put up some nicknames.

They are four. I am just a.

The director has not done anything.

I feel so alone. I think that I don’t have anyone. And that hurts.

This is my story… ” Stop the bullying!

Her mother is desperate

niña denuncia bullying

Due to the fact that the girl not attain the age required by the social network to have an account, the video was removed; however, his mother, Jenn Slater, decided to share it in your profile. Immediately became a topic viral and has been seen by more than 200 thousand people.

The case of Cassidy has surprised everyone, including his father, James Warner, who was not aware that her daughter suffered from bullying until he saw the video.

I am simply devastated. I don’t know how to explain what I feel… even talking about it makes me feel bad. I did not know that things were so bad, and Cassidy felt that way.

Is not as alone as you think

hugh jackman ayuda a niña

This sad event came to the ears of the actor Hugh Jackman, who shared the video and sent a message of support to the small.

mensaje de hugh jackman a niña acosada

Hi Cassidy… I Am Hugh. I want you to know that you are loved, special, and intelligent. You are strong, funny and beautiful inside and out. BULLYING is not good. Please, never stop to ask for help. You’ll find it in people and places that you never thought were possible. I am your friend.

The family of the little has asked to the parents of other children who talk to their children about bullying and its consequences, and expect that the case of her daughter is resolved and taken as an example that there is a solution, always and when you act in time.