Be careful with the diets rigorous! Reveal that in 80% of cases cause REBOUND

There are women who have the advantage of possessing a metabolism wonderful that allows them to eat everything and never gain weight; others need to take care of each bite, because even the air makes you put on weight.

To combat obesity, many women decide to make a rigorous diet, combined with exercise, helps you lose those extra pounds. There are those who decide to take pills that suppress hunger to achieve its mission faster and easier. But they are making a mistake that could cost them dearly.

If you don’t watch it then you can return to gain weight

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According to David Montalvo Castro, president of the Mexican College of Bariatric, 80 percent of people who carry on a strict diet and fail to lose weight can return to being obese or overweight.

According to the statements of the specialist, this is due to a variety of factors that affect the pattern of consumption of foods, because they take wrong decisions at the time of ingest products with low nutritional value, without knowing the impact on health.

Some factors are the lack of complete information for consumers and various market failures that lead a consumer to take decisions very rational about their food, as is the case of wrong beliefs informed of the nutritional value of the foods, information not accurate or incomplete, an effect of transmission of habits from parents to children, etc.

The power supply is the most important

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To achieve a real change in the agency, Montalvo suggested to amend the form to guide the treatment of obesity, as well as a greater involvement of the health authorities to the population to eliminate the bad habits and make better food choices.

The risks of obesity

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Obesity is a disease cardiometabólica, because the adipose tissue in excess secretes substances that affect health, such as inflammation of low intensity in the vascular endothelium and other organs, which speeds up the clogging of arteries with cholesterol (atherosclerosis), explained the doctor.

He also mentioned that by reducing the mass of fat lowers the risk of high blood pressure, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases, because being overweight is a condition that can affect people at any stage of your life, because on some occasions become obese almost without perceiving it.

In addition, the specialist recommended to avoid the use of medications to suppress the hunger by their side effects, and suggested that obesity depends not only on biological aspects but also psychological and social problems.