Someone turned 21 actors of Marvel in girls… and Loki is identical to an Olsen!

Someone using FaceApp to transform the actors sexiest Marvel women, and to reveal how they would be if they had been born with two x chromosomes.

There are those who find Hugh Jackman too cute, and others think that the female version of Tom Hiddleston looks a lot like Elizabeth Olsen, and the rest says that Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan could be the models most beautiful of the decade.

chico con camisa azul cielo

chico de ojos azules

3. Paul Bettany, The Vision

chico con rasgos australianos

chico con camisa de mezclilla

5. Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes

chico con camisa negra

chico con barba de candado

chico con camisa gris claro

8. Dave Bautista, Drax

hombre con barba cerrada

chico sonriendo

chico con traje sastre

chico con camisa a cuadros

12. Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye

chico con camisa de vestir en color blanco

13. Josh Brolin, Thanos

hombre con playera gris

hombre con cabello largo y rubio

15. Vin Diesel, Groot

chico sin cabello

chico con cabello rojizo

chico con ojos verdes claros

18. Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther

chico con cabello afro

chico con camisa oscura

chico con barba de candado

21. Ian McKellen, Magneto

hombre con traje sastre en negro