He is Louis Spencer, the handsome cousin of William and Harry who ALL want to conquer

What have the men of the royals that makes them so irresistible? In addition to a great fortune, and also have an incredible attractiveness and noble titles that any girl would like to have. After all, Disney is to blame for that since small we dream to be princesses or queens.

Although until some years ago, the princes and counts alone were allowed to marry women of their same social circle, times have changed and we must thank him because he may one day have the luck that Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle and we’re married with one of them. In case you hesitate, here are Louis Spencer, the handsome cousin of William and Harry that even you can conquer.

Not all men and women of the royalty are out of stock

Louis Spencer primo de William y Harry caminando del brazo de su madre y hermanas

Yes, because even though the main princes are already married, there are still men that you can marry, of course, if you have the fortune of the commoner who married with William and Harry.

Louis Spencer is a guy available

Louis Spencer primo de William y Harry posando para una foto

He is a member of the family of princess Diana Spencer, is 24 years old and is the brother of Kitty Spencer, the model that has been compared to Lady Di for her incredible resemblance.

He will be able to convert in countess

Louis Spencer primo de William y Harry posando para una foto

From the day of his birth, the march 14, 1994, has the title of Viscount Althorp. He studied in the Colegio Diocesano in Cape Town and is currently pursuing his studies in the University of Edinburgh. There is where you’ll be able to go to be able to conquer it.

You will inherit a large fortune

Primo guapo de William y Harry sosteniendo perritos

Although technically the Spencer are not members of the royalty, yes they are important aristocrats, whose ancestral home is located in Northampshire, one of the 47 states of England. He is the one who will inherit the properties and the title of his father as count; in addition, it is a lover of animals, that is a further point in their favor.

A guy that knows the best of both worlds

Primo guapo de William y Harry dando un discurso

The count was born in England, but it’s still very little she moved to Africa with his mother, where he lived even after his parents ‘ divorce in 1997. There he learned to live without luxuries and helping the people of the place.

Get your phone, it will be difficult, you have a life very private

Louis Spencer primo de William y Harry abrazando a Nicky Minak

It has only been caught on two occasions by the media. The first was at the wedding of prince William and Kate, and the second is next to Nicky Minaj after a concert in London. From then on, he keeps his life out of the public eye.