I blonde and with freckles! Ariana Grande is unrecognizable to Vogue magazine

Ariana Grande has a look that is very characteristic: long hair and smooth, high ponytail and heel boots up to her knees. This is the image that we know from some years ago.

Recently appeared on the cover of the magazine Vogue. This editorial has a serious history of abuse of Photoshop, so much so that most of the times ends up leaving it unrecognizable to the artists that appear in it. This time the victim was Ariana: your face looks so different that if the cover does not come in your name, you would think that it is another woman. However, his followers, far from attacking them, they loved the result.

Ariana is known for her unique look

chica con coleta

Is very concerned of his image and that is why you must always try to appear before the media and their public as divine as possible. Beyond its natural beauty, often use false eyelashes and is an expert in the outlined cat eye.

Its makeover has impacted his followers

portada de la revista Vogue

The singer dropped his look usual to be on the cover of Vogue, in its british edition, using the loose hair, and dyed blonde hair, no false eyelashes or eyeliner. His skin is covered in freckles that dot part of his face and his lips have been made up of any shocking color.

The Internet doesn’t know how to react about it

tuit vogue

Tuit sobre Ariana Grande

Fans of the singer have gone mad at her as well and the opinions are divided, many say that it is “unrecognizable”, and others that your look is completely natural. What about you what do you think?