11 Signs that your makeup is of poor quality; choose the best for your skin

The makeup is part of the daily routine of the beauty of women, but there are signs that we cannot ignore and that suggest that you could have an allergic reaction to certain products.

For example, if your make-up will cause pimples, you irritating the skin or your eyes, it means that it is of poor quality and you must change it immediately.

Identifies the cosmetics of poor quality

1. You have a rash

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Irritation or rashes on your face could be due to an allergy to the fragrances or acrylic cosmetics.

2. Your skin looks stiff

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If your face feels stretched or torn it could be that the products you use keep your pores from releasing natural oils, causing dehydration and irritation.

3. Excess fat

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Your makeup could cause your skin to produce more natural oils than normal, leaving a greasy feel.

4. You lose facial hair

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Some low-quality products containing residues of metal that burn the hair and cause them to fall, may even leave stains.

5. Scaly skin

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When you use several products, blend of acids that could damage your pores, creating peeling and stains with a appearance of burns.

6. Damage to the nervous system

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Products that contain large amounts of metal can poison your skin, to the point of contaminating the nervous system, causing involuntary movements, speech problems and depression.

Is the product suitable for your skin

1. Expiration date

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The shelf life of cosmetics really good, usually, does not exceed more than six months.

If the packaging of your product promises a useful life of three years or more, it will mean that it contains preservatives and other components are not healthy.

2. Content

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Cosmetics of high quality containing natural elements: benzoic acid, sorbic acid, vitamin E, grape seed extract, jojoba oil, aloe vera.

In contrast, if your makeup contains petrolatum, propylene glycol, lauryl ether sodium sulfate, glycerin, anhydrous, BHA and formaldehyde, your skin could end up full of pimples, excess oil, dryness and in severe cases skin infections.

3. Smell

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The cosmetic quality does not have aromas that are marked because they are made with natural ingredients.

4. Country manufacturer

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It is best to get cosmetics that are produced in countries with a climate similar to where you live. The cosmetics of the united States, France, Italy and Germany have good reputations. In times of cold, it is advisable to pay attention to the products originating in Finland and Canada.

5. Price

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The price does not always matter. The cosmetics are mass-produced on a big scale, so the cost of the products is lower than that of the high-quality.