Kendall Jenner broke the code of friendship: he is dating the brother of Gigi Hadid!

In one more chapter of the life of the Kardashian-Jenner today we present to you: the romance of Kendall. The model is living the best phase of his career and also of his life, has contracts with the most prestigious brands, enjoys the harvests of their achievements, a day out with the NBA star Ben Simmons and the other kisses with the brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid… Wait, what?!

Yes, the eldest of the sisters Jenner has a new romance. Kendall broke one of the most important codes of friendship: do not ever leave with the brother of your best friend, and seems to not mind too much. According to the Internet portal TMZ, the model was seen with Anwar Hadid during a party of the awards CFDA.

Is 17 years old… love her innocence

Kendall jenner intentando besar al hermano de las Hadid

Kendall and Anwar are known from quite some time ago thanks to the friendship that the model keeps with the sisters Hadid, and there is evidence that they attract since then. Two years ago, when Anwar was just 17 years old, and Kendall is 20, the model posted a picture on his account of Instagram where you see that I wanted to kiss it.

The model had an intense session of kissing

Kendall Jenner besando al hermano de bella hadid

Kendall was talking with Anwar for a long time while both were in the after party of the awards CFDA in New York; then the talk turned into cuddles, kisses and caresses, of course, all accompanied by a few drinks.

Already demonstrate your love in social networks

Kendall Jenner y el hermano de bella hadid tomados de las manos

The eldest of the Jenner shared a photo in which he is taking his hand. Although maybe you can think that it is a photo of no importance, their fans ensure that the model never posts pictures of her leading men, so maybe this relationship goes beyond a friendship.

The Gigi Hadid do not want to give a relationship between them

Hermanos Hadid abrazados

According to Hollywood Life, Gigi has warned his brother to stay away from your best friend, after all she knows better and knows what kind of girl is:

Gigi warned her brother that Kendall is a heartbreaker. Gigi knows that for the model the most important thing is his career and always leaves last place to the love, so we made it clear to Anwar that, although Kendall is a great friend, not a good girlfriend.