13 key Moments in ‘Sex and the city’; so we are celebrating its 20-year anniversary

The 6 of June, met two decades of the premiere of the first chapter of the series Sex in the city, created by Darren Star, and that changed the way you portray the female roles in a modern society, and accelerated, as it is in the giant city of New York.

Since 1998, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are the quartet who starred in a variety of situations that a woman lives, or should live, during his change of 20 to 30 years. Friendships, romances, disappointments, physical and mental illnesses, tears, laughter… and round after round of cosmopolitans at a bar, distinguished the 20 years of Sex and the City. We celebrate with his best 13 moments.

1. Two decades of our favorite phrase

cuatro mujeres tomando bebidas

Maybe girlfriends are our true soulmates and men are just people with whom to have fun.

2. Sex and the City had epic times

manos con un post it amarillo

Like the time Carrie left with a note of post-it… ¡Auch!

I remember when I finish with someone on the phone was considered bad taste.

3. They redefined singleness

mujer rubia con vestido negro saludando

Before being single meant that nobody wanted; now you want to say that you are beautiful, sexy and that you take your time deciding how you want your life and with whom you want to share it.

4. And there were moments of revelation, such as: “he doesn’t like you and that’s it”

[embedded content]

Hesitating on the themes of love, Miranda asked for the honest opinion to a guy looking for a response from the vision of men. The result was hard, nothing she expected, but the words that I needed to take a load off. She was not his type!

5. Charlotte lived in anxiety disorders and depression

After Trey and before the period with Harry, Charlotte went through moments of emotional instability. Your outfit of cardigan pastel pink and pearl necklace was a choice, unexpected for the nervous breakdown that was in the character, but it served to remind us that the girls basic they buy in expensive stores also suffer from mental health problems.

6. The tribute of Carrie to Witney Houston

mujer morena con vestido blanco y mujer rubia con vestido blanco

In the movie series the a blonde new york stole the glances of other women wearing this iconic dress that originally took the interpreter of I Will Always Love You… we call that a inception of divas fashionistas!

7. The courage to defend what you love and you feel is right

Mujer hablando con mujer de cabello blanco

Like the time that Bunny attacked Charlotte and Lili, his adoptive daughter of asian origin:

I don’t enjoy the food in mandarin and I do not like a child mandarin.

And I don’t enjoy white supremacy, especially when it comes from my own family. With all due respect, fuck you, Bunny.

8. When the fiction beat reality

Actress Cynthia Nixon was perfect to interpret Miranda Hobbes to share a lot between their personalities. This was verified when Nixon met in the real life the dream of Hobbes: be a candidate for governor of New York.

In march, 2018, the actress of 51 years he ran as a precandidata to govern the new york city. Thanks to this we learned that you can pursue a career without which the life of mother or wife to be an obstacle.

9. The address of Samantha while she had cancer

[embedded content]

The stage of Samantha Jones as she fought against her cancer was one of the most difficult moments in the character of the actress Kim Catrall. In the middle of a speech “inspirational” about the battles with the disease, Jones put aside the protocols and removed the wig that concealed the true phase by the crossed; their vulnerability created more empathy between the two other women that lived the same thing and with greater impact than what we had prepared.

10. Breaking down stereotypes of “princesses”

mujer rubia con cabello rizado

If the prince hadn’t appeared, what snow White would have slept eternally in his glass coffin? Do you, or sooner or later would wake up, spit the apple, I would seek to work, good healthcare and a donor from the sperm bank?

11. A series ahead of its time in issues of social inclusion

hombre calvo y mujer en el pinto de navidad

Charlotte used to teach their friends not only with regard to the code of girls, but also taught them to become a better human being:

Happy holidays to all people of all religions, races, ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, sizes and abilities.

12. The world is divided between the girls, “simple” and the girls “katie”

[embedded content]

The moment in which Carrie understood that Mr. Big couldn’t handle a girl “so complex” as she; the epiphany was as devastating as it is entertaining to the rhythm of the song The Way We Were movie girls, Our happy years.

13. I 20 years of the same philosophy!

gif mujer rubia con fleco

I love you, but I love more myself.

Even the guys I know

And yes, the more the years pass the easier it is to connect with every one of the girls new york; this man knows and respects him.

And finally, the sense most real of all

Why Netflix, WHY?