¡Lady Gaga made her debut in the film! Starring alongside Bradley Cooper in ‘A Star Is Born’

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are together in a film of love, music and tragedy, which finally revealed its first trailer.

A Star Is Born is a famous tape that has had multiple adaptations over the years and this time it’s the turn of Bradley Cooper not only of police force, but also direct and sing along to the singer most acclaimed of the last decade.

Cooper will fall in love with Gaga

escena de la película A Star Is Born

The actor plays Jackson Maine, a musician of country modern whose success has not brought happiness in his personal life, until he meets Ally.

The fame will end your relationship

escena de la película A Star Is Born

Ally, played by Gaga, it pays to pursue your dreams until Jackson convinces her to return to the stage and sing their own songs, something she fears to do. With the time the fame comes, in addition to discussions and heartbreak.

The surprises will be present in every scene

escena de la película A Star Is Born

Although the tape is a remake, we can be the witnesses of great surprises, such as listening to the harmonious voice of Cooper and the original songs that the singer and actor wrote with other artists.

The new look of Gaga you will impact

chica usando collares

Another thing that you can not let go of is how beautiful it looks-Gaga without make-up. There is No doubt that her beauty is natural.

Enjoy this small preview!

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The film will be released in all the cinemas around the world during the first week of October, and not to be missed.