The 4 Signs of the zodiac that take LONGER to recover from a disappointment in love

Although the ruptures of loving are a part of life, not all we deal with them the same way. Heal a broken heart can take you a day to some girls, but for others it may be years before it heals completely…

Your zodiac sign can also influence the way in which healthy of a break, because your personality and the stars go hand in hand in decision making and in the way you see the world.


Pareja de novios en la playa

They are famous because it takes them an eternity to find someone that they really like. Feel around in the depths of your heart and don’t take anything lightly. They are great companions and delivered everything to the relationship, but if I break your heart the pain can last for an eternity.


pareja de novios besándose

Scorpion is the master of the cold shoulder; ignore who hurt you. This is because you do not know to handle the situation if the person is near.


pareja de novios tomados de la mano

Will do everything possible to overcome a heartbreak. Will work and will work to not feel sadness until all that try not to feel you explode inside of her. It seems that exceeds the distress quickly, but that is only because you are repressing the emotions, desperately trying to ignore.


pareja de novios en la ducha

To virgo it will take a little more time to overcome a break loving. Then we finish with this matter, you will think too why it took so long to get over it. Thinking tends to cause more distress.